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materiali attrezzature arrampicata alpinismo

Tutto ciò che serve ad affrontare una giornata in falesia.


arrampicata sportiva
Le zone di arrampicata sportiva a Trieste


fotografie arrampicata e bouldering

Immagini di arrampicata sportiva e bouldering.
In falesia e in strutture indoor.


guide e manuali di arrampicata

Guide, manuali, libri e pubblicazioni sul modo dell'arrampicata sportiva, alpinismo, escursioni e montagna in generale.

Libri e guide

meteo italia

Previsioni del tempo a 24h per tutte le regioni italiane.

Previsioni meteo Italia

Rock climbing training
The hanging board or Pan Güllich

This page contains some guidelines to create a pan gullich and to install the hanging board on your walls.

Very important. Before using the hanging board, warm up carefully your fingers, arms and shoulders. The efforts required to exercise on the pan gullich are very intense and can be traumatic to muscles, tendons and joints.
Moreover, this type of training is appropriate for those who have already reached an advanced level of climbing (over 7b/7c of french scale).

hanging board scheme

In the picture above, the scheme of the pan gullich:
A - plywood or pressed wood panel
B - wooden strips

The pan gullich hanging board

The choice of dimensions of the wood board has to be made based on the available space at your disposal: room size, walls measures, ceiling height, etc.
The thickness will have to be appropriate in relation to the final size of the board, usually a min. of 2 cm. It can be installed fixed to the walls or mobile and and needs to have an inclination between 10 ° and 40 °.
The lower strips will have to be at a height of about 1.70 m from the roof. Anyway, not low enough to get your feet too close to the ground (with legs slightly bent).

Examples of installation on wall and ceiling
fixing the hanging board to walls and ceiling

The wooden strips on the hanging board

They will be different in thickness and variable in number depending on the size of the wooden board. The width must be at least the same as your shoulders.
Taking the example diagram on the top of page, you can choose from three sets of strips for different thickness and height. The first strips with a height of 3 cm and depth of 2 cm, the second with 4x3 cm, the third with 5x4 cm.
You can also choose a solution where the distance between the strips is shorter, to make a less hard training.
You have to roughen the wood with a coarse sandpaper and you have to smooth the edges which will take your fingers.

Some examples of strips
hanging board wooden strips

Need to give a new look to your wood structure?
Start with a basecoat of rialto universal and two coats of rialto gazer, matt (FO) or glossy (FL), a high quality washable water based enamel.

A concrete wall to protect?
rialto unibeton is a specific anticarbonatation and water repellent paint to extend the life of your concrete walls.

Want to decorate your walls?
A wide chice of finishes is available on the website:
- thick coatings for exteriors
- acrylic paints and varnishes
- quartz based coatings
- lime based finishes
and other products to protect and decorate interior and exterior walls.

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